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Love Psychic

 Oregon‘s top love psychic tarot card reader and chakra balancing energy healer. Serving  Josephine county Jackson county  

About me


  • I am a world-renowned psychic and clairvoyant.I come from a background of seven generations of psychics and fortunetellers. I was nominated the top psychic of Oregon to the national  psychic association  and I have three locations in Oregon.I opened my first business when I was 16 years old I've been in business for 17 years. I travel the world to help and heal people through different situations such as removal of negative energy,blockages,reuniting lovers and even helping in careers. I use techniques such as tarot cards psychic readings energy readings spiritual love readings chakra balancing energy healing Reiki therapy.



Palmistry Reading

A Palm Reading offers basic information mainly about yourself . It focuses on the lines in your palms that represents: 1. Life 2. Head 3. Heart 4. Health 5. Faith 6. Fame 7. Marriage 8. Money 9. Sex 10. Spirit 11. Travel 12. Luck. 

One Palm Reading $35 - Full Life $85

Tarot Card Reading

A Tarot Card Reading offers insight based on. Past, present, future, business, family, friends & relationship.

This reading can only be done in person


A Psychic Reading is an energy reading that offers information based on A circumstance you are faced with at the present moment.


Spiritual Love Reading

A Spiritual Love Reading is a quartz Crystal & energy reading that provides information about you and your significant lover with out them being present. This reading will entail past, present, future, business, success, friends, family & past life.

This reading can only be done in person


Egyptian Sand Reading

An Egyptian Sand Reading is most detailed into your life. It provides spiritual counseling answers all questions based on past,present and future. It also tunes in on past lives, spiritual self, love and relationship, career finances, health, happiness, chakra, aura colors, & positive and negative energies.

This reading can only be done in person


Psychic Reading

Tea Leaf Reading

The Tea Leaf Reading is done with the tea of your choice such as the love blossom tea,money tree tea,energy tea,the focus tea, and many others you may choose from. Each tea focuses on that specific area to answer questions about your present and future.

This reading can only be done in person


Phone or FaceTime Session

A phone session includes three different types of techniques. This session last from an hour to an hour and 15 minutes allowing me to connect with your energy on all levels mental physical and spiritual this session includes a tarot card Reading, psychic reading, and spiritual love reading. Using these three techniques it allows this to be the most in-depth and informative session you will ever experience. It allows you to be in the comfort of your own home and to be able to connect with me from all regions of the world. This session includes in-depth information based on past, present, future, business, love and relationships.

It allows me to tune in to someone significant in your love life without them being present allowing me to provide you with detailed information about this relationship such as; "is he or she the one for you..." It also provides detailed information based on past life, a diagnosis and evaluation about your spiritual health, chakra wheel, energy centers, aura colors, positive and negative energies. 

Call today to make an appointment of a lifetime.



What To Expect

When having a psychic, Tarot cards or chakra balancing session with me expect to feel clear and uplifted! To have clarity on your situations and direction on to your life’s path. 

Come call or write as a better tomorrow awaits you.


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